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In 2013 Ivan started Skin Tuxedo as a solo project. But since then a lot has changed and today the band is a true 4-headed rock monster, with a mission to create exciting new music.

In 2015 the band released an EP called Transition. This was the beginning of the journey that has defined the Skin Tuxedo sound of today.
Since then the first full length album Cycle was released in march 2019, producer by Martin Pagaard Wolff (Volbeat, Pretty Maids, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy etc.).
The latest single releases in 2021 Invisible Line and Disharmony, was recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown, in Lundgård Studios (Kashmir, Tim Christensen, Johnny Madsen etc.).
All releases has gained a lot of positive attention among fans and reviewers.

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Danish Skin Tuxedo enters the void where old school heavy metal meets stoner rock and sludge, with a touch of grunge here and there. The goal is to create music that appeals to the inner rock addict inside each and every listener. Further genre definitions is left up to the crowd.

Released in 2019    //   Producer Martin Pagaard Wolff   //   © 2022 Tuxedo records 

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